Robert – 31

Robert was unable to graduate high school because his senior year was disrupted when his family suffered a crisis. He fell short of a high school diploma because of one missing math credit and two missing elective credits. But since leaving high school, Robert has worked under the table for a construction company that frames new houses. In fact, Robert is a respected member of his framing crew.

Over the years he has gained a lot of skills and held many responsibilities. Robert can read blueprints, order materials, manage workers, make measurement calculations, and layout structural designs. He has also become a valuable employee because he takes the lead in building staircases and is in charge of laying out the structural design of any arches that need building. Without him recognizing it, Robert is actually using many of algebraic and geometric measurements and calculations that his high school should have prepared him for. It is fair to say that Robert’s practical and applied knowledge of algebra and geometry far exceeds the skills that most of his high school classmates had displayed in when they formally completed their credits.

Robert’s plan: Robert will contact his high school and have his official transcript sent to the Massachusetts Independent Academy. He will then submit a resume and complete the forms for the MIA “Credit for Prior Experience” credits. Our review panel will use our “G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.” attribute system to evaluate Robert’s credentials and add them to his transcript.

The review panel will then determine if Robert is qualified to be granted a Massachusetts Independent Academy High School Diploma. If for some reason Robert would not have fully qualified for an MIA diploma, a diploma panel member would request more information and help counsel Robert until he finally have a diploma of his own.

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