About Us

We are teachers who want to help. Our two founders have close to fifty years of teaching experience combined over four decades. Their teaching experience covers an enormous range, having taught:

Middle School, High School, and College Level courses,

Both Domestically and Internationally,

In both Private and Public schools,

Courses involving Special Education, English as a Second Language, Honors Level, and
International Baccalaureate Curriculum,

and Year-long courses in English, History, Math, Science, and Technology.

They have experience in classroom instruction, administration, and curriculum planning.

Their major idea is to see what recent dropouts have accomplished since their last days in school and see what “life credits” could be referenced to legitimize a diploma and let them get on with their lives. M.I.A will still provide traditional (online) classes for those who are missing many credits, but for those who are short one or two classes we’ll try to measure and calculate a life experience (job training, responsibilities, etc) and see if it meets our “GRADUATE” requirements.

Over their 50 years of teaching they’ve witnessed countless students march through education, almost making it to the line of victory, but just at the end they turn around and see that there nobody there to support them. Nobody is there to push them across. Unfortunately that diploma itself has become more valuable than the actual education it is supposed to represent!

If you’ve been “Left Behind” they want to find you. They’re coming to help.