What You Do

Start by reaching out to us: admissions@massindacad.com.


  1. Send us your high school transcripts
  2. Prepare a resume/showcase
    a.  Include and explain all work-related experiences.
    b.  List any programs, trainings, and licenses you’ve completed over the years.
    c.  Describe additional accomplishments that demonstrate your life-education
    d.  Don’t hold back!  This is your showcase!
  3. Provide a letter of reference
    a. Choose one person in your life – anyone!
    b. Have them send us a short letter that emphasizes your wisdom, knowledge, and character.
  4. Complete an application narrative
    a. Tell us about yourself and the factors that caused you to be “Left Behind”.
    b. Let us know what you’ve been doing since you left high school.
    c. Share your hopes of what this diploma will help you accomplish next.
    d. You may submit this narrative in writing, video, or recorded spoken word.
  5. Provide the appropriate payment.
    a. A $50 non-refundable processing fee and a limited-time reduced $350 tuition fee might be the only thing left separating you from your diploma.
    c. We will honor a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your tuition for one year after the official date that your diploma is issued.