Programs and Enrollment

What We Do:

Our mission is to formalize your education.

We will review your high school transcripts, your resume, and your letters of reference before determining the next steps. If we feel you need to earn additional credits we will either create an individualized educational program for you to follow or return your application fee. If and when, however, we feel you have demonstrated a life-education equivalent to or greater than many of the high school graduates that we have seen walk the stage before you, we will process your documents, prepare your new transcript, and issue your high school diploma as a graduate of Massachusetts Independent Academy!

It is unjust for you to pay for the same mistake more than once. Yet, Americans who have not been granted a high school diploma have a significantly higher rate of chronic illness, debt, incarceration, substance abuse, unemployment, and unplanned pregnancies compared to those who have. We value your life experience and all the education, learning, wisdom, and talents that you’ve acquired and enhanced, formally and informally, in the workplace and beyond. We want to help. You’ve been left behind.